“I thought this was a good opportunity for us to be in a larger community of social justice activists and advocates”

Name: Black and white signs from the National Organization for Women (NOW) being carried at the Women’s March in Washington DC, January 21st, 2017

Artist: Emily Hoolihan

Location: Muhlenberg College: Protest Artifacts on Shared Shelf Commons

I met with the director of the Office of Multicultural Life at Muhlenberg to learn more about the participation of Muhlenberg faculty and students in the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. this year. In our interview, I learned that a group of students reached out through social media to unite members of the college community to join in the march. I remembered reading an article in the school newspaper, the Muhlenberg Weekly, about students reflecting on the march and ideas for continuing the discussions that took place during the event in different ways. I thought about the importance of the idea of continuing the discussion, which was emphasized in each story I heard about the Women’s March, and made connections to the efforts the school has made to encourage communication and discussion by inviting speakers and hosting events. I thought about ways I could help keep the talk going.